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HVAC Repair in Fort McMurray

As a licensed mechanical contractor and HVAC repair specialist in the Fort McMurray area, APH Plumbing & Heating Corp. has the equipment and know-how to fix any heating, ventilation or air conditioning need. Our experienced staff is available for emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HVAC Comfort and Peace of Mind

Modern HVAC systems require today’s technicians to keep pace with new information on the many makes and models and the ever-evolving technology of the industry. APH Plumbing & Heating Corp. mechanical contractors are certified and experienced with all HVAC systems and receive regular training upgrades. With extensive experience for providing HVAC diagnostic and repair services, our staff keeps homes and businesses energy efficient and ensures that your heating, cooling and ventilation systems are running smoothly.

The APH Plumbing & Heating Corp. Guarantee:

  • Licensed and insured mechanical contractors
  • Reliable recommendations
  • Free estimates
  • Servicing on all leading brand name equipment
  • Customer satisfaction

Honest Assessments – Up Front Pricing

When you call us to your home or business to fix a heating or cooling problem, we check and test your entire system. Count on APH Plumbing & Heating Corp. to offer honest assessments for either repair or replacements to your HVAC systems and to fully advise you of all your options. We never recommend services that you don’t need and our pricing is always up front. Whether you need repairs to a single unit air conditioner, professional air duct cleaning; a new part for your gas or oil-fired furnace, or an inspection, our experienced work crew always provide prompt, courteous and reliable service to both commercial and residential customers in Fort McMurray.

Signs Your HVAC Needs Repairs

Strange Sounds

Clinks, pops, squeaks, or grinding. If you are hearing sounds that the unit never made before then it is time to call a professional. Even if the system still provides you with adequate temperature control, the sounds are an indication of am issue that lif left untreated will likely develop into a more expensive repair.

Odd smells

If you find that there is a pungent odor from your HVAC system, then there are usually two possibilities. 1) there is a problem with the wiring and some of the insulation has burnt away. 2) If the small is musty, then it means that there is pooled water in the system that has become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Water or Moisture

Look around the system. Is there lots of condensation or perhaps pools of water? This could be either a problem with the refrigerant which has started to leak or a problem with the drainage system. If you find these issues in your HVAC system, then maintenance or repairs should be the next step.

Inaccurate Thermostat

are different rooms different temperatures even though they are controlled by the same thermostat? This could be an issue with the thermostat itself for possibly the duct work.

Comprehensive Heating and Cooling Repairs

Our qualified crew of technicians is experts at servicing all types of HVAC systems. No matter what type of repair or maintenance you require, we are the only team you will ever need. From dependable furnace repair to professional air conditioner maintenance, we show up with everything we need to get the job done quickly and correctly. We have the knowledge and resources to service all major brands, so you can always contact us with confidence when your HVAC is acting up.

Enduring HVAC Repairs

Our vast expertise, along with our top-quality HVAC supplies, guarantees that our repairs are made to last. We want to be a company you can trust to give you valuable and worthwhile repairs, which is why we remain committed to using the best tools and replacement parts. Our goal is to make sure you won’t have to service your HVAC unit for a long time after calling us, and we hope to make you one of our loyal customers after you see what we can do.

Get an Energy-Efficient System

Just because your heating and cooling technology seem to be doing its job properly doesn’t mean it is working optimally. Our HVAC technicians are experts at locating any shortcomings in your system or determining if it is working harder than it needs to. If you have noticed a spike in your utility bill, the problem could very well lie in your HVAC unit, so give us a call for a valuable solution or to learn more.

HVAC Technicians with Valuable Experience

Although experience isn’t the only way to ensure quality work, it certainly counts for a lot. The valuable knowledge and resources we have gained over the years allow us to service your unit efficiently, effectively, and reliably. When it comes to quality repairs for any and all HVAC technology, APH Plumbing & Heating Corp. is a name you can trust.

The Benefits of Great Customer Service on HVAC Repairs

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop at our superior repair work—we take it even further by ensuring a pleasant experience for all our customers. We make sure that we are friendly and cordial during our visit, and make sure that we give you all the information you need during the job. By going the extra mile to provide great service, we have been able to create a great number of satisfied clients and collect an impressive number of testimonials.

Never Worry About an HVAC Emergency Again

We are proud to offer our dependable repairs 24/7. This means that we are a valuable resource for emergency repairs all year long. When your heating or cooling system goes out in the middle of the night, it can be a real nightmare. We respond quickly to every call we get, so your difficult situation will become a lot easier. Keep your property comfortable and liveable during any season, and whenever you need it, thanks to our staff.

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For repairs, large or small, our single goal is to ensure that the HVAC systems of our Fort McMurray clients are functioning properly. Schedule an appointment for your free consultation by calling (780) 370-9170 with any heating or cooling concern.